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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Always the victim

Ahead of our match at Anfield tomorrow it is worth reflecting on the media coverage over the past week. Since the early stages of the game against Wigan last Saturday when a section of the Stretford End sang 'Always the victim' there has been a great deal of teeth gnashing and vilification in the press. Although the chant, and the subsequent cry of 'murderers' was short lived and quickly hushed by and embarrassed majortiy, the storm that ensued has been impossible to quell.
For many reds, there is nothing wrong with the chant in its own right. 'Always the victim, it's never your fault' has been sung since the Suarez/Evra affair when most Liverpool fans found it impossible to accept that it was their man in the wrong. The chant is considered to be consise and perceptive, identifying the supposed 'victim mentality' of the merseysiders. Indeed, even the Everton fans sang it during the FA cup semi final at Wembley.
But there is no doubt that last Saturday's rendition was in poor tast. It was petulant. Having witnessed the ourpouring of affection toward Liverpool FC, many reds found the pro scouse sentiment hard to stomach, even in light of the horrible recent revelations. And no matter how much human sympathy or empathy an individual may feel toward a bereaved family, a United fan will never be able to sing 'You'll never walk alone' with any sincerity.
Reds have also found much of media comment unpalatable. Robbie Fowler's suggestion that Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra should be involved in some show of solidarity was particulary laughable. (Why should light be made of unrepentant racial abuse).
During the week, 'we're Man United, we'll sing what we want' rang out from the Stretford End. But pointedly, 'Always the victim' did not. And despite all of our instincts and inclinations, few of us would argue that tomorrow's commemoration should be marked with anything but deep respect and human dignity.

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