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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Praying for a miracle

It should never have come to this; but sadly it has. Goal difference; bloody goal difference. Or maybe Sunderland will get a result against us and it will be decided on points. Either way it seems unlikely that United fans will be celebrating this afternoon. City will beat QPR; no doubt - and I don't mind if I end up looking foolish for having said that.

I have heard many reds say that losing the title on goal diffence would be a nightmare but I don't quite see it like that. Of course when you lose by such a close margin you are left with a thousand 'what if's'.
But if I lose I want to lose by the smallest margin possible. Of course there will always be a million miles between 1st and 2nd in spite of the actual margin, but still.

The torture of hope remains in spite of it all however but realistically lets just hope United win in style.

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