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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Judge blasts Suarez for provoking wife attack

A judge in Manchester has condemned Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez for refusing Patrice Evra’s handshake at Old Trafford last month; an act that caused an Eccles man to become so enraged he hurled at TV remote control at his wife’s face.
Speaking at Manchester Magistrates court Judge Taaffe said of Suarez  The actions of Mr Suarez were at best ill-considered and at worst the actions of a petulant individual who behaved like a spoilt child and brought contempt on both his club and the many professional footballers who conduct themselves properly week-in, week-out.
“It's undoubtedly the case that the actions of a so-called role model can affect the behaviour of many and the need to act responsibly both on and off the field as they hold privileged position and are idolised by many.”
Although the judge absolved Suarez of any direct responsibility for the assault, the court heard how Mr. Graham Trelfa of Eccles had been angered by the Liverpool striker’s refusal to shake United captain Patrice Evra’s hand and as a result he had flung the remote control into his wife’s eye, promting her to call the police.

Mr. Trelfa, who has a history of assault, had tried to blame Luis Suarez for his actions but the judge accused him of missing the point. While he disapproved of Suarez’ behavior Judge Taaffe said ‘In my judgement it (the assault) would've occurred sooner or later as it's quite clear you have an anger problem and have behaved in a bullying fashion for many years towards your partner without any thought for the effects it would have.
‘To blame Mr Suarez, in my view, illustrates your refusal to confront the real issue.’
Trelfa was given a 12 month community order and a fine of £85.00.

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